Typhoid Radio: Independent Music Podcast Featuring Tacoma Musicians

Everybody today is talking about the Lumineers and Lana Del Rey and that nice man David Grohl. People today need a good dose of the underground, the avant-garde, and the independent bands. That’s what Typhoid Radio offers: violently independent bands from around the Tacoma area.
If you’re looking to hook up with a bunch of other musicians, distribute your music, or just start finding your way through this crazy Tacoma music scene, check out Typhoid Radio’s podcast. And Typhoid isn’t just for musicians either- independent artists of all kind are welcome.
From the “ABOUT” page of Typhoid Radio’s blog:
“Typhoid Radio is a podcast dedicated to independent, underrepresented, and unknown bands. I play a variety of genres but especially focus on:
  • Indie
  • Post-punk
  • Punk
  • Shoegaze
  • DIY
  • Lo-fi
I play music from all over, but I especially want to give the Tacoma, WA scene a spotlight. Tacoma is often overshadowed by her more popular sister, Seattle, but there’s good music and a legitimate scene here that should be heard.
Typhoid Radio is primarily a place for independent music, but independent artists of any kind—filmmakers, writers, poets, painters, etc.—are welcome.”
Check out the link below:

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