Copper Canyon: Internship Opportunity Spotlight!

PLU and Saxifrage have had a pretty strong relationship with Copper Canyon for the past…oh, couples decades or so. In fact, last November 25th, Saxifrage hosted Victoria Poling, the Press’ internship director, to talk to PLU students. A grand time was had by all, so look out for future visits and opportunities to talk with the Press. As for specifications, CCP is located in Port Townsend and holds a non-profit status. It’s been around since 1975, and specializes in poetry, especially international authors. They have a very well-run, well-established internship program that lets students participate in every aspect of the press, including working with manuscripts and the day-to-day running of the organization.

If you’re dedicated to poetry, writing, publishing, marketing, or working for an independent press/non-profit, Copper Canyon are the folks to work with. As for their reputation, we’ll let them speak for themselves:

“Copper Canyon has published over 400 titles, including works by Nobel Laureates Pablo Neruda, Odysseas Elytis, Octavio Paz, Vincente Aleixandre, and Rabindranath Tagore; Pulitzer Prize-winners Ted Kooser, Carolyn Kizer, Maxine Kumin, W.S. Merwin, and Theodore Roethke; National Book Award winners Hayden Carruth, Lucille Clifton, and Ruth Stone; and some of the most original contemporary poets and translators such as Jim Harrison, C.D. Wright, Red Pine, Norman Dubie, Arthur Sze, and Lucia Perillo.”

Copper Canyon Press

Learn more about Copper Canyon Press at

Shine up your shoes and prepare for an excellent experience!

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