Saxifrage is Pacific Lutheran University’s (PLU) premier literary and art magazine. Founded in 1975, Saxifrage has published 40 books of content created by and for the PLU community. It consists of work by students, staff, faculty, and alumni — poems, visual art, literary essays, prints, short stories, photography, musical scores, personal essays, one act scripts, multi-media Avant-garde art, and other works, all selected by volunteer judges from the PLU community. A book by the people, for the people. A celebration and review of excellence. A piece of Pacific Lutheran you can take with you. Submissions to Saxifrage are accepted in the fall semester on a rolling basis, with a  final deadline in early spring. Anyone involved in the university’s community can, and is encouraged to submit. We look forward to seeing what you’ve done.

PLU Student Media

Saxifrage is a member of the PLU Student Media, whose mission is to “engage student population and enrich the campus climate with dialogue, debate, and entertainment.” It is through involvement with Student Media that students implement and fine tune skills gained in the classroom. Students with any academic major can participate in Student Media.
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Jakob Maier

Jakob Maier ’15

Jakob is a double major in English Creative Writing (Poetry) and Philosophy, with a minor in Publishing and Printing Arts. He has been involved in Saxifrage since his first year at PLU, when he organized a reading for a visiting poet who ended up crashing on his couch for two weeks—typical poet lifestyle. Since then, Saxifrage has remained one of Jakob’s favorite things about PLU. Jakob has poetry, personal essays, and visual art published at various print and web-based magazines including Saxifrage, Oxford’s The Mays, The Mall, Electric Cereal, The Newer York, and Now That’s What I Call Alternative Literature.

Meg Dolde

Meg Dolde ’15

Meg Dolde is a Fiction Writing and Norwegian language double major, graduating from PLU in May 2015. She is from Seattle and loves short stories, drinking tea, and walking in the woods. This is her first year as a co-editor of Saxifrage.

Saxifrage Assistants

Cole Chernushin ’15
Kelsey Barnes ’16

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